Employment Law

Employment law covers the relationships between employers and employees. Our firm works exclusively for employees to ensure that their rights aren’t violated by unscrupulous employers. Whether you’ve recently lost a job or are suffering from hostile conditions in your current job, we may be able to help you avoid termination or assist you in receiving monetary compensation for your losses.

Wrongful Termination

Many jobs require a formal process to be followed before an employee can be terminated. In many cases, an employer may seek to circumvent the protections afforded to an employee due to cost cutting or other motives. Even in an at-will position, an employer may still not terminate an employee because of whistle blowing, discrimination, and certain other protected situations. If you believe your termination wasn’t legitimately connected to job performance or economic conditions, contact our office to discuss the circumstances and whether you are entitled to compensation.


Employees are entitled to a harassment-free workplace. This includes harassment due to race, religion, age, and gender as well as other situations that create a hostile working environment. Whether harassment is committed by the business owner, upper management, a supervisor, or a coworker, the business is still responsible for ensuring a harassment free workplace. Contact us if you are currently suffering from harassment or have left a job due to harassment.

Civil Rights Violations

When wrongful termination, harassment, or other adverse actions occur because of federally protected classes such as race, gender, religion, and national origin, it is a violation of constitutionally provided civil rights. The justice system seeks to vigorously protect these rights, and additional compensation may often be available when civil rights violations have occurred.

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