Healthcare Appeals

Most employers are now required to provide healthcare coverage for their employees. Offered plans must meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Healthcare Act. However, there are many cases where insurers may refuse to provide mandated coverage or reimburse an employee for a covered expense. Employees are also too often forced to fight for long-term benefits to which they are entitled. In addition, insurers may cause an employee further losses by wrongfully revealing private medical information to their employer. At Donham Law, we work with employees to ensure they receive the health coverage they need without risking losing their jobs.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies’ profits are directly tied to minimizing how much they spend in medical claims, and this often provides an incentive to work against your best interests. The claims process can be lengthy, time consuming, and, in the case of receiving authorization for future procedures, adverse to your health. We use our experience dealing with insurance companies to help you navigate the process as quickly as possible to receive the care you need or the reimbursement to which you are entitled.

Privacy Breaches

Federal privacy laws prohibit healthcare providers and insurance companies from sharing information regarding your medical history with your employer or other unauthorized parties. Not only is this a serious breach of the doctor-patient relationship, but in many cases employers have taken adverse action against an employee due to their medical history. If this has happened to you, contact our firm today.

Disability Benefits

Long-term illnesses and permanent disabilities may entitle an employee to receive disability benefits. This is especially true if an injury happened on the job. These benefits are costly to employers and insurance companies, so many will seek to avoid payment. Contact us if you need help receiving compensation for your disability.

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