Privacy & HIPAA Violations

If your private medical records have been disclosed without your consent, then your rights have been violated. Often times, hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes will violate a patients’ rights to keep their medical records private by disclosing it to others without authorization or without a need to know. Contact our firm today to deal with a violation of your personal medical information. We will contact the healthcare provider or hospital to ensure that protective investigations are conducted and we will file necessary actions on behalf of the patient if we determine your rights have been violated entitling you to compensation.

Privacy & Big Corporations

Companies will ask you to place your trust in them and seek your personal information placing it in their computer systems for “safe-keeping”. However, not every company properly monitors and protects the security of that information. If your credit card information and personal information has been stolen or hacked due to the negligence of the business then contact our experienced attorneys to discuss ways that we may be able to avoid additional exposure and obtain damages for the negligence of the business.

Small Medical practices

There are times when solo medical practitioners or small physician practices may not have the manpower to oversee the exhaustive and oftentimes elusive rules and regulations of the Affordable Care Act including Medicaid and Medicare issues. Our firm has the knowledge of the ACA and regulations to assist the smaller practice in the investigation, implementation, and maintenance of the regulations, protecting the practice from liability exposure. Contact our firm today for additional information on how we can assist your small practice.

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