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Christian Donham

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Christian Donham, is a 2021 student at Liberty University in the field of Information Systems and Gaming Design. He has frequently been on the Presidents and Deans list for academic achievement.

Christian assists the firm with social media influencing and is the firm’s Social Media Manager. Christian has his own Youtube Channel “HeAdz” educating individuals on various topics such as computers, gaming equipment and settings, gaming design, and overall gaming experience. Christian also manages his own gaming design company “HeAdGMZ” which works to create concepts for Indie style computer gaming. He is also the creative director for a family run Viral Video and Media Company.

Christian works hard to get the message out that Donham Law and the Donham Peace Center are serving the community to bring strong advocacy and holistic approaches for its litigation clients as well as alternative dispute resolution for its mediation clientele.

Christian handles all video and media presentations for the firm and is the creative director for its viral video concepts. Christian also manages the firm’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as its ChatBots and website integrations as well as the firm’s social media, blogging and vlogging. His goal is to bring attention to the Donham brand as well as conduct brand enhancement through active marketing campaigns and concept website and social media integrations. He also develops brand and marketing funnels which inform the firm on consumer contact and experiences.

Client Reviews
Jeremy Donham is an exceptional lawyer and very personable. He and his wife Wendy will make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend this team. Down to earth and definitely has your best interest at heart. Lori
Jeremy is very easy to talk to and will give you the right direction for your case. He thinks out of the box about ways to help bring a peaceful resolution while fighting for your right to be heard. John
Jeremy is an outstanding attorney and a great example of excellence in the legal profession. I highly recommend him if you need a lawyer! George