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Employment Law

Employment law covers the relationships between employers and employees. Our Pennsylvania Employment lawyers work exclusively for employees to ensure that their rights aren’t violated by unscrupulous employers. Whether you’ve recently lost a job or are suffering from hostile working conditions in your current job, our Pennsylvania Employment lawyers may be able to help you avoid termination or assist you in receiving monetary compensation for your losses if you have been fired.

Disability Discrimination

Our Pennsylvania Disability Discrimination lawyers will work hard to manage your case from start to finish and hold the employer accountable for its actions. Disability Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes with discrimination taking such forms as reduced pay, demotion, unjustified write-ups, harassment, and termination. Let our Pennsylvania Disability Discrimination lawyers defend your rights to be free from disability discrimination.

Workplace Privacy Rights

Your workplace privacy is important, and no one has the right to intrude upon it without your consent. Let our Pennsylvania Workplace Privacy lawyers investigate and litigate your claims of invasion of privacy, negligent supervision as well as Fourth Amendment illegal searches and seizures. Our Pennsylvania Workplace Privacy lawyers are well versed in handling privacy claims in the workplace as well and will hold your employer accountable when they violate your privacy and your trust.

FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act

Allow our Pennsylvania Family Medical Leave Act lawyers to assist you in holding employers accountable when they interfere with or retaliate against your medical leave rights in the workplace. Most people may not understand that they have the right to seek leave for limited periods such as intermittent leave for as little as ten-to-fifteen-minute allotments. This assists migraine sufferers and people with anxiety, for example, in finding ways to manage their illness when it is needed most. So let our Pennsylvania Family Medical Leave Act lawyers fight for your rights.

Workers Compensation Retaliation

Our Pennsylvania Workers Compensation retaliation lawyers know how to handle a case when your employer decides to discipline you or fire you for using workers compensation. Often employees need restrictions when returning to work and employers sometimes will fight the restrictions to try to force employees to quit. Let our Pennsylvania Workers Compensation lawyers stand up for your right to recover from a workplace injury and get you back to work after a workplace injury.

Pregnancy Discrimination

No one should be treated like a second-class citizen because they want to have a baby. This is a special time and discrimination during pregnancy is all too common. Let our Pennsylvania Pregnancy Discrimination lawyers stand up for your right to a safe and special pregnancy. You have a right to be secure in your job while you are expecting your baby and to be left alone. If your employer discriminates against you because of your pregnancy, let our Pennsylvania Pregnancy Discrimination lawyers protect your rights in the workplace while pregnant.

Wrongful Discharge

Many jobs require a formal process to be followed before an employee can be terminated. In many cases, an employer may seek to circumvent the protections afforded to an employee due to cost cutting or other motives. Our Pennsylvania Wrongful Discharge lawyers will fight for your right to work. Even in an at-will position, an employer may still not terminate an employee because of whistle blowing, discrimination, and certain other protected situations. If you believe your termination wasn’t legitimately connected to job performance or economic conditions, contact our Pennsylvania Wrongful Discharge lawyers today to discuss the circumstances and whether you are entitled to compensation.

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Jeremy Donham is an exceptional lawyer and very personable. He and his wife Wendy will make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend this team. Down to earth and definitely has your best interest at heart.


Jeremy is very easy to talk to and will give you the right direction for your case. He thinks out of the box about ways to help bring a peaceful resolution while fighting for your right to be heard.


Jeremy is an outstanding attorney and a great example of excellence in the legal profession. I highly recommend him if you need a lawyer!


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