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Introducing the legal insider vlog and blog from Jeremy and Wendy Donham. Donham will periodically provide information regarding various topics of legal interest including but not limited to information about the courts and judges that preside over your case and an inside viewpoint of what consumers can expect when they file their cases. Additionally, Donham will give consumers an inside view of various types of cases and what one can expect when you contemplate taking on these cases, strategies that are suggested, or employed regarding the handling of a legal case.

Donham will also engage in depth on various topics that confront individuals who are struggling with the legal system. Where does one go when they have a legal issue? How can I find the right attorney? What do attorneys charge and how does it work? Should I try mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Donham will also provide secrets to getting your case resolved in a more efficient fashion and avoiding litigation hell.

Join us on this website and on our soon to be published Donham YouTube Channel as well as @LegalNoggin on YouTube to find additional information on how to locate healthcare when you are fired, how to deal with co-workers who are harassing you, how to sue your employer, how to manage the EEOC claim, and how to succeed in legal issues at work, home, in business and much, much more. We are excited to introduce this new venture in legal information and look forward to you visiting our site for more legal information and insight.

Client Reviews

Jeremy Donham is an exceptional lawyer and very personable. He and his wife Wendy will make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend this team. Down to earth and definitely has your best interest at heart.


Jeremy is very easy to talk to and will give you the right direction for your case. He thinks out of the box about ways to help bring a peaceful resolution while fighting for your right to be heard.


Jeremy is an outstanding attorney and a great example of excellence in the legal profession. I highly recommend him if you need a lawyer!


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